10 TV Shows To Watch With Your BFFs

Binge watching shows on a lazy weekend is just one of the most favorite things people like to do these days. Watching alone is fun but its much better if you do it with your BFFs! Here’s a list of shows to watch on an all girl’s weekend. Enjoy!

1. Gossip Girl

Blair and Serena’s outfits are always on point. A must watch for the fashionistas.


2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

A classic! Everyone should watch this at some point in their lives.


3. Sex and the City

Even though the series ended a number of years ago, Carrie and her friend’s stories are so relatable even up to the present day,


4. Reign

Watch Mary, Queen of Scots’ story of love, alliance and honor.


5. Jane The Virgin

Jane made a promise to her grandmother that she will remain a virgin until she is married. However, a trip to a gynecologist turned her world up side down.


6. New Girl

A show all about friendship and laughter.


7. Pretty Little Liars

This show will have you asking so many questions and wonder what will happen to these ladies.


8. One Tree Hill

Get your tissues ready for this. Their love stories will hit you to your core!


9. Glee

Just because you can sing along with every episode.


10. Grey’s Anatomy

Your BFFs are the best people to watch this show with!