10 Signs that Pokemon Go is Taking Over Your Life

Pokémon Go has awaken the inner nerd in a lot of people with it’s global release. What seems like a harmless game is starting to take over people’s lives without them knowing it. Here are some signs that you or your friend are being taken over by the game.

1. You deny playing it

People ask you, especially your friends and family, if you play but you tell them you don’t. You feel the need to deny it. An addict doesn’t admit that they’re an addict.



2. You go to sketchy places just to catch ’em

You usually don’t wander around unfamiliar places but you get lost in the game and you realize that you’re somewhere you don’t know or not supposed to be.


3. Work breaks turn to Pokémon Hunting breaks

You go out for lunch not to eat but to walk around and see what you can find.



4. You feel a jolt excitement when there’s a rare Pokémon nearby

And you are not alone. There’s a whole lot of you crazies that gets excited.


5. You consider Pokémon Hunting as exercise

Pokemon Hunting is like doing cardio for you. Walking around ain’t easy.



6. You get angry or frustrated when you don’t catch the Pokémon

It totally pisses you off when the Pokemon is being extra difficult to catch.


7. You can identify other Pokémon Trainers

You know how to identify your own kind. Birds of the same feather flock together.



8. You’re glued to your phone

You’ve always been glued to you phone but know its for a different reason. You need to be updated on what there is around the area.


9. Pokémon Go is all you talk about

You are starting to sound like a broken record and people are not so happy about it.



10. You invite your friend’s to impromptu road trips to places where you can catch a whole lot of them

You friend’s like the new spontaneous you but its more for your benefit.