The 10 Must Have Apps on your Smartphone

Did you just buy a new smartphone recently? Here are a few apps we think will really help you on your day to day activities. Enjoy!

1. Waze

Waze is a navigation app that tells you the fastest route to your destination. What’s fun about this is you can interact with other users and share how the traffic is at your location. You can even chat with them. Cool, right?



2. Uber

Finding it difficult to get a cab? Hate haggle with cab drivers for rates? Uber is the app for you. You can hail a cab anytime and anywhere for less the cost of the normal cabs.


3. Spotify

Really into music but don’t want the hassle of downloading songs? Spotify if the app for you! There are thousands of songs to listen to. You just need an internet connection. Want it ad free? Just pay for the premium and enjoy the other perks that come with it.



4. Swiftkey

If you were an android user and frustrated that there no other way of texting more conveniently on your iPhone, you’ll really like this third-party keyboard for your phone. This app will learn how you type and adapt to your unique typing style.


5. Facebook

I think there not need for an explanation here. Who doesn’t know Facebook?



6. Snapchat

One of the hottest apps out there. Even celebrities are hooked! You’d get hooked too with all the cute and interesting face filters you can use.


7. Kindle

This is one of the best reading apps you can download. If you’re into reading on your phone, you should download this.



8. Mint

Need to get your finances organized? Mint pulls up all your credit cards, loans, banks account (and more) all into one place. It gives you an insight of how you are spending and gives you tools on how to budget.


9. Airbnb

If you are an avid travel you know how expensive it is to book a hotel. Airbnb is an amazing portal where in you can book a place (like apartments, houses and other rentals) almost anywhere in the world at a low-cost.



10. 7 Minute Workout

An app that focuses on short high intensity workouts that are proven to aid weight loss and improve cardiovascular health. If you don’t want to get a gym membership, this app will be very beneficial for you.