Secrets to Becoming Instagram Famous

Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a part of our life. There’s a lot of possibilities because of social media and people are taking advantage of it. Always wanted to be famous but don’t think you’re up for Hollywood yet? Be Instagram famous instead! Being social media famous these days is good business. Be famous and earn some money along the way! Here are some tips to help you.

1. Make your profile public

First thing’s first, make your profile public so that everyone can see you. Remember exposure is everything!


2. Take really nice photos

The main purpose of Instagram is to take photos and share it with your followers so be sure to take really nice ones to get a lot of likes.


3. Always look nice

That means dressing up for photos and putting some make up even if its #iwokeuplikethis photo. You gotta be prepared for it.


4. Show people how fun your life is

Even if it really isn’t like that. You gotta fake it ’til you make it!


5. Take plenty of photos

You won’t have a perfect photo at the first try so take plenty and choose the most perfect one.


6. Make use of photo editing apps

After taking plenty of photos, enhance them more by using photo editing apps. A little touch up won’t hurt.


7. Be obsessed with getting likes

If you really want to be Instagram famous, you gotta keep track of how much likes you are getting and be obsessed about it.


8. Take candid photos

Take candid photos that aren’t really candid. Don’t always be formal and looking ready on your photos. Be like a normal person by taking candid photos that are perfect because it wasn’t so candid after all.


9. Hashtags

There’s a lot of hashtags out there that can give you plenty of likes and followers. Figure out which ones are the most popular and put them on your photos.


10. Get someone to sponsor you

Once you have a substantial amount of followers, you can start looking for people to sponsor you. You can start making $$$ with this.