Hollywood’s Hottest ‘Silver Foxes’

I sometimes still get strange looks from people when I refer to men as ‘Silver Foxes’ but for those in any need of a definition of the term, you needn’t look any further than this list. Grey hair or not, these guys are still rocking it, proving to all that some men really do get better with age.

1. George Clooney

An epitome of the term ‘Silver Fox’, at 55 years of age George Clooney seems to be growing more and more handsome by the second. This list simply couldn’t have opened up with a more obvious example of the term.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: poplyft.com

2. Richard Gere

Ever the eternal gentleman, Richard Gere first stole our hearts all the way back in 1990 when he played Edward Lewis in smash hit Pretty Woman and thank goodness his looks haven’t shown any sign of subsiding now (27 years later) at age 67.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: twimg.com

3. Pierce Brosnan

A man who needs no introduction, ‘007’ himself Pierce Brosnan is still flying the flag for timeless good looks and charm at the ripe old age of 63.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

4. Patrick Dempsey

At first thought, you might not think Patrick Dempsey (a.k.a. ‘McDreamy’) belongs on this list. However, at age 51 he looks all the better for the scattering of silver hair that is starting to shine through and something tells us he’s going to get better looking with every year that passes.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: celebuzz.com

5. Idris Elba

You might be surprised to hear that, at age 44, Idris Elba is actually the youngest person on this list, despite his rugged handsomeness that makes him look considerably older than his years. And to whoever’s idea it was that he let his beard rock out with the grey hair – we tip our hats to you.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: abcnews.com

6. Javier Bardem

Only just at the tipping point of ‘Silver Fox’ status, Javier Bardem has won the hearts of women across the globe with his distinctly attractive Spanish charisma. At age 47, his charm offensive is only just beginning – just you wait 10 more years.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: asset1.net

7. Hugh Grant

For many women across the globe, there is always going to be room in their hearts for the quintessential ‘English Gentleman’. This is exactly what actor Hugh Grant, 56, personifies, especially now that he has gained more age and wisdom (not to mention a fully-fledged silver head of hair).

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: tvgcdn.net

8. Harrison Ford

Ok, so 74 years-old might be pushing it for some but there is no denying that this guy has remained one cool customer, ever since his heyday playing the lovable rogue Han Solo in the 70s classic Star Wars franchise.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: indianexpress.com

9. Sean Penn

Counting not only Madonna, but also Charlize Theron more recently as past love-interests, there is clearly something alluring about Sean Penn, which is even more exemplified now that he has graduated to ‘Silver Fox’ status at age 56.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: .thewrap.com

10. Barack Obama

Who better to end this list with than the ultimate American People’s champion and exemplary ‘Silver Fox’, Barack Obama? An icon in so many ways, we’re sure that the 55 year-old former President will be very happy to hear that it wasn’t just his policies that women across the world were a fan of.

Hottest Silver Foxes

Image source: billboard.com