Heart-warming Celebrity Acts of Kindness

Have you ever wondered about what your favourite celebrity is actually like as a person? There is so much speculation in the media about diva rants and obnoxious behaviour that it is incredibly refreshing when we are shown that they are actually good people at heart, using their gifted position in life to help others.

Here are just a few of the kindest celebrities of recent years:

1. Amy Adams.

One of the most recent acts of kindness; last year Amy Adams was made aware that she was flying on the same plane as a an American serviceman and consequently gave up her seat in first class so that he could sit there.

Amy Adams Act of Kindness

Image Source: wallpapers111.com

2. Johnny Depp.

As a child in hospital, what could be better than waking up to find Captain Jack Sparrow sitting at your bedside willing you to recover? This is exactly what happens when Johnny Depp takes the time out of his schedule to visit hospitals around the world. He even carries the costume with him at all times just in case he can spare a few hours.

Johnny Depp Act of Kindness

Image Source: shandymedia.com

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3. Taylor Swift.

Every day a new story comes out about something nice that Taylor Swift has done for her fans. This includes but is not limited to sending care packages, handwritten letters, hospital visits and even acting as a guidance counsellor for people who are feeling particularly down in their lives.

Taylor Swift Act of Kindness

Image Source: hellogiggles.com

4. Tom Cruise.

You always hope that if something terrible were to happen to you in life that someone would stop and help. And how about if that person just happened to be Tom Cruise? This was the case of a hit and run victim who was immediately helped by Tom Cruise who spotted her from his car and waited for paramedics and even paid her hospital bill when it became apparent she didn’t have insurance.

Tom Cruise Act of Kindness

Image Source: wegotthiscovered.com

5. Mila Kunis.

Now here is a story that must have given hope to many servicemen across the globe. In 2011, Sergeant Scott Moore put out a YouTube clip inviting Mila Kunis to his Annual Marine Corps Ball. And you know what? When the news of the clip reached her she actually said yes and went along with him as his date. What a cool girl.

Mila Kunis dinner with marine

Image Source: eonline.com

6. Dave Grohl.

In 2006, it was very famously broadcast that when a mine collapsed in Tasmania and the workers were trapped underground for two weeks they requested a Foo Fighters CD to listen to, which, to their surprise was given with a note from Dave Grohl saying that he would be taking them out for beers as soon as they were freed. He’s such a nice guy isn’t he? But after what they’d been through they definitely deserved it in my opinion.

Dave Grohl Act of Kindness

Image Source: rollingstone.com

7. Aaron Paul.

Can you think of anything better than having a celebrity step up to fight your cause? This is exactly what happened in 2014 when Aaron Paul heard the news of 16 year-old Aaron Hill – a boy with autism – who was brutally attacked by some peers in Florida. Having heard this Aaron majorly stepped up on Twitter to fight the boy’s cause and even arranged to take him to Disneyland to forget about what a terrible thing he’d been through.

Aaron Paul Act of Kindness

Image Source: timeinc.net

8. Russell Brand.

Russell Brand is very famously known for taking the time to hang out with homeless people across the world, especially in his hometown of Los Angeles where he frequently gives out donations for food and supplies.

Russell Brand Act of Kindness

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

9. Cuba Gooding Jr.

If you’ve ever thought that celebrities don’t have to face the realities of the world you couldn’t be more wrong. This is especially the case with Cuba Gooding Jr who, in 2007, happened upon the scene of a shooting and helped the victims by applying pressure to their wounds before the paramedics arrived.

Cuba Gooding Jr Act of Kindness

Image Source: cloudfront.net

10. Ryan Gosling.

There is no denying that Ryan Gosling is a pretty slick guy. And this was even more proven when he reached out to stop a British journalist from stepping in front of a moving cab in NYC. Hey girl, no worries. Hopefully this won’t start an epidemic of women stepping in front of cabs now. We’re pretty sure it was a one-time thing.

Ryan Gosling Act of Kindness

Image Source: blastr.com