Top 10 Best Looking Footballers From Around The World

While most women will watch football for the skill, it cannot be denied that there are many good looking players that makes the game more interesting. Here are some of the players that seem to be setting hearts fluttering – and in no particular order.

1. Olivier Giroud

With his brooding good looks, Olivier has managed to captivate hearts since he left France. Lucky Arsenal fans get to see the 6′ 4″ hunk on a regular basis, unlucky supporters of other teams have just a couple of opportunities.

Olivier Giroud

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2. Gerard Pique

As well as being a handsome, talented football, Pique is also the partner of Colombian singer Shakira. He will stand out in any crowd if only for his stunning blue eyes.

Gerard Pique

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3. Radamel Falcao

Things may not have worked out for Radamel at Manchester United, but he still brought some glamour to the Premiership and his good looks wont be forgotten for a while.


Radamel Falcao

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4. Neymar

As well as being the star on the pitch at the World Cup in Brazil, Neymar became a star off it. Seen as the poster boy for the team, there was mass mourning when Brazil ended their progress in the game against Germany.


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5 Mario Gomez Garcia

Despite the fact that Mario is capable of kicking accurately with both feet, and being a continual aerial problem for defenders, he is often noticed for his looks. The 6′ 2″German striker has played for some top teams including Bayern Munich and Fiorentina, and still has a good few playing years ahead of him.

Mario Gomez

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6. Keisuke Honda

Although Japan are not yet one of the top countries when it comes to producing top class footballers, they are certainly up there when it comes to good looking ones.



7. Asamoah Gyan

Not only was Asamoah one of the stars of the 2014 World Cup, but he became an instant hit with female viewers as a result of his good looks. As you can tell from the picture, he has a smile that can melt most hearts.


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8 Romelu Lukaku

There were fears that once the trademark dreadlocks had gone, Rom would lose his powers. However, last season has shown that he is just as strong and fearsome as he always was, and will still be classed as one of the best looking players in the league.



9. Cristiano Ronaldo

It would be nigh on impossible to create a list of good looking footballers with including Ronaldo, Wherever he has played, he has had an instant impact and that has been for his ability on the field and how he looks off it.Ronaldo

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10. Tim Howard

Just because a footballer gets over 35 it does not mean they are no longer good looking. Tim has played at the top level for a number of years and just seems to get better with age – and that goes for his looks as well.

Tim Howard

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