10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Fitness Tracker

People these days are becoming more conscious of how much exercise they should be logging in per day/week; thus came the fitness trackers. It’s either an app or something that we wear like a watch and it helps you track your daily activity. Some have extra features that makes them even more awesome than they already are. Heres

1. It tracks your progress

You see your daily improvement which keeps you motivated to keep going.


2. You won’t need to sign up to expensive gyms and personal trainers

There are awesome and FREE (yes, you heard that right) fitness trackers out there, such as the popular myfitnesspal. Just choose which one works best for you.


3. Keeps your health in check

It keeps track of your daily activity (or inactivity) which helps you gauge which parts you need to improve.


4. It can also track your diet

Some fitness trackers include a record of your food and calorie intake.


5. Habit forming

Having something that you can use on a daily basis can help you form a good and healthy habit.


6. You can also ask your friends to join along

Fitness trackers have special features wherein you can invite your friends and keep both of you motivated while being challenged with each others progress.


7. It gives you that push

You say you’ll workout more and eat better, but the best planned ideas often don’t come into practice. Maybe a fitness tracker is just what you need to give you that last push.


8. Its user friendly

Fitness trackers are designed to be as user friendly as possible to make them simple to use while you’re working out.


9. Cute fashion statements

There are an array of cute and chic wearable fitness trackers that you can use.


10. Help you be motivated

With all the reason’s stated here, it will surely help you in your fitness goals and always be there to motivate you.