10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Our phones are like an extension of ourselves, but some of us take it to the next level. Wondering if your friend is addicted to their phone, or you yourself are addicted too? Here’s some signs to look out for. Get professional help, if needed 🙂

1. You panic when you leave your phone at home

It feels like you’re gonna die when you leave your phone. Like your life is over.



2. You’re ALWAYS ready to respond to a text or answer a call

You have your phone with you 24/7. You don’t like missing any notification.


3. It’s the first and last thing you have in your hand

As soon as you wake up you check your phone and you check it before going to bed. Every morning and every night.



4. You check your phone even if you don’t have any notification

You check so often that there isn’t anytime in between to let notifications settle.


5. You have your phone on you hand all the time

You don’t put it in your pocket or in your bag. You just gotta have it in your hand instead. If feels safer that way.



6. You have the charger ready

Getting your battery drained is unacceptable! You have your charger with you waiting or you have a power bank.


7. You bring your phone in the bathroom

A lot of people do this but it isn’t normal to bring it even while taking a shower. Can you check your phone while taking a shower?



8. You can’t let your phone rest

You use it 24/7 even when there’s nothing to do with it.


9. You stay on your phone even when out with people

Having dinner our with your friend’s but you just can’t seem to put your phone down. Come on! Talk to people.



10. You sleep with your phone next to you bed or next to you

You can’t seem to distance yourself even for like 5 feet. You sleep with your phone close to you. It sometimes have its own space in your bed.