10 of the Most Followed Celebrities on Twitter

With the evolution of the digital age, it became easier to connect with our favorite celebrities, in particular Twitter revolutionized this trend.

Here are the most followed celebrities on Twitter Don’t forget to follow them!

1. Katy Perry

Katy is the most followed person on Twitter with over 91 million follows. She posts interesting tweets and occasionally throws shade to T.S. (you should know who that is!). Her Twitter handle is @katyperry.



2. Taylor Swift

Our girl Tay has over 80 million follows on Twitter. She’s been radio silent because of Kim K revelation but still follow her @taylorswift13.


3. Justin Bieber

The Bieb’s is all grown up now and coming out with better music. There would be occasional tweets about his ex Selena Gomez so that keeps things interesting. Follow him @justinbieber.



4. Barack Obama

America’s President has a big following on Twitter with over 76 million follows. It shows in his profile that; “Tweets from the President are signed. -bo.” Cute, right? Follow him @BarackObama.


5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is really passionate about her work and concern in current events. Just read her tweets and agree with what she if for and fighting for. Follow her @ladygaga.



6. Rihanna

Get updates on our girl RiRi on her Twitter page @rihanna. Everything you wanna know about her, her music and apparel. Basically how to be like her.


7. Ellen DeGeneres

Our funny girl Ellen has one of the awesome-st Twitter pages out there! You got to follow her @TheEllenShow now!



8. Kim Kardashian West

Kim K is the queen of social media. She’s everywhere! She has about 47 million follows on Twitter alone that is why she is sought after by brands for endorsement deals. Follow her at @KimKardashian.


9. Justin Timberlake

We just can’t stop feeling the love for J.T. and we are not alone. His 56 million followers feels the same. Follow him @jtimberlake.



10. Britney Spears

Know what’s going on with Brit’s life from her upcoming music and shows. Also, get some fitspiration from her. She is ripped right now! Follow her @britneyspears.