Celebrities who Began their Careers at Disney

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much of an impact Disney has had on all of our lives. Not only because it has given us our favourite films and theme parks, but also because it has provided us with our favourite celebrities.

Here are just a few of the ones you might have forgotten:

1. Britney Spears.

Probably the most famous member of the 80s Mickey Mouse Club revival, Britney was one of many child stars who presented the show and went on to be plummeted into the limelight with her phenomenal singing career.

Britney Spears Disney

Image Source: nydailynews.com

2. Justin Timberlake.

Another one of the most successful Mickey Mouse Club members, Justin Timberlake starred alongside his soon to be girlfriend Britney Spears in the revival that lasted from 1989-1995. He then went on to form N-Sync with fellow Mickey Mouse Club member JC Chasez.

Justin Timberlake Disney

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3. Christina Aguilera.

No wonder Christina Aguilera and Britney have been pitted against each other throughout their entire singing careers… They have literally been linked since they were 11 years old, presenting side by side on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Christina Aguilera Disney

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4. Ryan Gosling.

It turns out we have been subjected to the charms of Ryan Gosling for longer than we thought. You can tell from his cheeky expression that he was a very valued member of the Disney kids club, rubbing shoulders with Britney, Christina and Justin. Who would have thought?

Ryan Gosling Disney

Image Source: usmagazine.com

5. Miley Cyrus.

Alongside the Mickey Mouse Club, Disney also has another valuable resource for nurturing talent and that is the Disney Channel, which is where Miley Cyrus was given her big break in worldwide TV phenomena Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

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6. The Jonas Brothers.

Soon to follow in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus were the Jonas Brothers who starred in season 2 of Hannah Montana and then went on to film their own Disney reality TV show depicting their journey as a band.

The Jonas Brothers Disney

Image Source: wiinoob.com

7. Zac Efron.

Now here is a Disney franchise that most of the world have heard about in one way or another: The High School Musical Movie. This is due to its epic popularity and the fact that it introduced Zac Efron to the world, which I’m pretty sure most of the female population are incredibly thankful for.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens High School Musical

Image Source: teen.com

8. Hilary Duff.

Alongside Hannah Montana, another Disney channel TV phenomenon was Lizzie McGuire (first aired in 2001), which introduced us to the gorgeous Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff Lizzie Maguire

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9. Demi Lovato.

Soon after the successes of Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire came Camp Rock which introduced the world to the edgy starlet – and incredibly talented singer – Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato Disney

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10. Selena Gomez.

Last and by no means least of the Disney grown stars is none other than Selena Gomez who made her big break in 2007 starring in Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena Gomez Disney

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