10 Celebrities Who Have Spent Time In Prison

Just because you’re rich and famous, it doesn’t mean there should be immunity from prison. If you commit the crime, you have to face the time as these celebrities found out to their cost.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Marks’ crime was to assault a man from Vietnam, and for this he received a 45 day prison sentence. He was charged with assault and attempted murder.

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2. Tim Allen

Tim was convicted of drug smuggling after was caught carrying 1.5 lbs of cocaine in his luggage when travelling through a Michigan airport.


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3. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd was sentenced to 3 months in prison when he was found guilty of domestic violence.

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4. Robert Downey Junior

Now Robert Downey Junior is best known for the films he stars in, but there were times when he was in the papers for all the wrong reasons. This was mainly drug use and breaking parole.

robert downey jnr

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5. Wesley Snipes

Having spent nearly 3 years in jail, Wesley Snipes has now been released. He was incarcerated for tax evasion.

Wesley Snipes

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6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson spent time in jail in 1992 after being convicted of the rape of an 18 year old in Indianapolis. Some ex-cons manage to rebuild their lives when they are released, but Tyson still seems to be living on the brink.

Mike Tyson

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7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has spent time in jail for driving under the influence, and missed further terms when she was sentenced to carry out community service and agreed to undergo rehabilitation.

Lindsay Lohan

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8. Charlie Sheen

As a well known actor, it is hard to believe that Charlie may be remembered for the time he spent in jail as much as for the films and shows he appeared in. Back in 2010, he was charged with assualting his wife on Christmas Day as was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Charlie Sheen

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9. Jamie Waylett

After acting in the Harry Potter films it was thought that Jamie Waylett would be on the road to stardom. Instead he took part in the London Riots and has spent time in prison for his actions.

Jamie Wayliett

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10. Martha Stewart

Despite a reputation as a clean living and home loving person, Martha ended up in jail as a result of making false statements to federal investigators, obstruction of an agency proceeding and conspiracy.

Martha Stewart Jail

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