2017 New Tech Releases

As we kiss goodbye to the utter catastrophe that was 2016, let us ring in 2017 with a lowdown of the year’s most anticipated tech releases. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘techy’, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something on this list to excite you, whether it’s the new iPhone, the upgraded Google Pixel or even the latest innovations in Virtual Reality experiences.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8.

After the disaster that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – which had to be recalled due to a select few handsets catching on fire – there is thankfully going to be a new model to make us forget all about that disaster. This will also be the first time they integrate ‘Viv’, Samsung’s answer to their Apple rival ‘Siri’.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: wccftech.com

2. New iPad Pro.

After the successful launch of the iPad Pro last year, Apple have decided to focus on this line of iPads by making improvements to the stylus pencil, which famously divided opinion upon its release.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: slashgear.com

3. New iMac.

Whilst there have been no definite announcements about updates to the iMac, the rumour mill has been in overdrive speculating whether or not Apple will be incorporating the controversial USB-C port which they have built in to their other products.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: foolcdn.com

4. iPhone 8.

Due to it being the iPhone’s 10th birthday this year, you can expect Apple to give us something to get excited about in their newest model. Featuring an all-glass design with LED display, the iPhone 8 will apparently harness built-in reality features for many of its apps.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: businessinsider.com

5. New Google Pixel.

Due to the success of the first Google Pixel phone last year, it is highly likely that Google are going to emerge in the autumn of 2017 with something even bigger and better to rival the iPhone once more.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: ytimg.com

6. Google Smartwatch.

With Apple dominating the market for wearable technology, it is highly anticipated that Google will be launching their opponent watch in 2017, building in everything that is successful about the Google Pixel phone.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: indianexpress.com

7. Updates in Virtual Reality Technology.

With the modern world of technological advancements moving at a hundred miles an hour, it seems Microsoft have decided to keep up by building a free update in to Windows 10 that will allow anyone to use a VR headset. Sadly though you still have to buy one, which you won’t find for anything less than $299.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: businessinsider.com

8. Nintendo Switch.

Gamers all across the world will have been waiting for this for years; a new console from Nintendo that can be used traditionally with your television but also works as a portable system. Hallelujah.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: wordpress.com

9. Xbox Project Scorpio.

When something is preceded by the word ‘project’ you just know it is going to be good. And we have no doubt that Microsoft will be thrusting the Xbox technology forward by integrating the potential to use virtual reality in their new Scorpio console.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: windowscentral.com

10. Updates to the Fitbit.

Fitbit have been very careful to keep their plans under wraps but if the whisperings in the tech world are anything to go by they are going to be expanding past being able to wear them solely on your wrists.

2017 Tech Releases

Image source: pcadvisor.co.uk