10 Times Kate Moss Got Away with Being Controversial

So in light of Kate Moss’s recent meltdown on an Easyjet flight (which we must say is a rather odd airline of choice but that’s another story), we thought it was high time we revisited some of the supermodel’s most controversial moments in order to find out why the nation keeps on forgiving her for the unforgiveable.

1. The Easyjet Incident.

Listen up people; this story just goes to show why extreme detoxes are a bad idea. Apparently Kate Moss had been detoxing with friends on holiday in Turkey in June only to find when she boarded her plane that they had run out of sandwiches! Heaven forbid. This apparently went down like a lead balloon with Kate and when she saw an airhostess eating some pasta at the back of the plane, that was it. She allegedly then went on to call the hostess a ‘basic b*tch’ and was consequently arrested when she arrived at Luton airport.

Kate Moss Easyjey rant

Image Source: express.co.uk

2. The d-word.

This one really does defy logic. In 2005 Kate was caught on camera using drugs and was consequently dropped from many of her influential modeling campaigns – quite rightly. However, after years of proving she’s turned over a new leaf she has actually managed to redeem herself as one of the most successful campaign models on the planet. Now that is not a second chance that anyone else would be lucky enough to get.

Kate Moss Controversial

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

3. Smoking, smoking and more smoking.

This one is still going on and goodness knows when it will get the better of her. We all know smoking is terrible for you but Kate Moss must be the only person in the world still attempting to make it look glamorous.

Kate Moss smoking

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4. The Johnny Depp Era.

This is definitely a love/hate tabloid relationship for many of us. For me personally, there was just something so damned cool about these two despite their joint love of alcohol, cigarettes and very public spats. Kate must occasionally look back on those times and smile. We certainly would if it were Johnny Depp on our arm.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp relationship

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5. The Pete Doherty Era.

Now this relationship was not quite so glamorous for Kate. In fact destructive would be a much more apt description. However, we have to admit there was something so addictive about reading the papers to see what this controversial couple had been getting up to. Unfortunately none of this was ever very good considering he was a drug addict/alcoholic. Thank goodness she got rid of him once and for all in 2007.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Relationship

Image Source: ibtimes.co.uk

6. Russell Brand.

Apparently not one of Kate Moss’s prouder moments, it was revealed in Russell Brand’s My Book Wook 2 that the two of them had a brief tryst back in 2006. Kate – quite understandably – did as we all would do under these circumstances: blamed in on the rebound from Pete Doherty and vowed never to speak to Brand again.

Kate Moss and Russell Brand

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7. Showing off that bit too much.

Never afraid of showing off a little flesh, Kate Moss has become synonymous with half naked campaigns and outfits for nights out that give new meaning to the word minimal. If you ask me, it might be best to leave a little more to the imagination.

Kate Moss

Image Source: stylefrizz.com

8. That skinny comment.

Never afraid to throw a curveball here and there, Kate was famously quoted as saying ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. This obviously sparked a great deal of outrage across the world and quite frankly I don’t think I agree with her one bit. Has she ever tried a Krispy Kreme?

Kate Moss skinny quote

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9. Being notoriously difficult to interview.

You’ve just got to love an awkward interview, haven’t you? And there are certainly plenty to choose from when it comes to Kate Moss who is very famously camera shy when it comes to speaking. Quite strange really when you think about the fact she is prepared to flash quite a lot of flesh, she must not like her voice very much.

Kate Moss interview

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10. Doing a playboy shoot at age 40.

Hats off to Kate, there really aren’t many who could take on a Playboy photoshoot at aged 40. But she pulled it off with style and – dare I say it – class.


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