10 Celebrities That Love Sports

It’s a fact of life: we all have to keep fit and healthy and who better to look to for inspiration than our favourite celebrities? Of course, they have considerably more options than us due to their money and power but there is definitely something to be said for their dedication… Take a look for yourself:

1. Cameron Diaz – Surfing.

Now this is inspiration if ever I saw it: keeping fit by looking super cool and beautiful on your surfboard. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to live near a beach, yet alone near Malibu in California like Cameron but there is no doubt she will have inspired many people around the world to give surfing a try.

Cameron Diaz Surfing

Image Source: staticflickr.com

2. David Walliams – Swimming.

What do you if you’ve already swum the British channel for charity? Well you swim the River Thames of course! This was, at least, David Walliams mode of thought in 2012 as the whole United Kingdom supported him in his plight, which raised over £2 million for Comic Relief. What a legend!

David Walliams Swimming

Image Source: whatsontv.co.uk

3. Kate Middleton – Hockey.

We’re guessing that quite a few women (and men!) took up hockey at the weekends after watching our dear Princess of Wales take it on so effortlessly. If only we all looked so sleek when its pouring down on a Sunday morning and we’re knee deep in mud…

Kate Middleton playing hockey

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

4. Robbie Williams – Football.

Ever the football fan, Robbie Williams never misses a chance to take part in the annual Soccer Aid match, which pits celebrities against each other every year to raise money for Unicef.

Robbie Williams playing football

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

5. Ellie Goulding – Running.

A recent advocate for maintaining a fit and healthy figure, Ellie Goulding certainly shows us that it’s good to push your boundaries by taking part in marathons and ridiculously difficult bootcamps.

Ellie Goulding Running

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

6. Jamie Fox – Basketball.

Aside from his acting and singing talents, it is a little known fact that Jamie Foxx was a pretty damn good basketball player back in the day. And he still indulges in games now with fellow former basketball player friends such as R Kelly. We’d definitely like to be a fly on the wall at these matches.

Jamie Foxx Basketball Player

Image Source: gstatic.com

7. Jessica Alba – Baseball.

Considering herself an avid baseball fan, Jessica Alba was last year given the honour of throwing the opening pitch at the LA Dodgers game. We’re guessing this made a lot more people sit up and take notice than usual so they actually have a lot to thank her for too.

Jessica Alba playing baseball

Image Source: pinimg.com

8. Louis Thomlinson – Football.

Having been an avid football follower – not to mention player – his whole life, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson decided to take his obsession to the next level in 2014 by jointly investing in his beloved club Doncaster Rovers.

Louis Thomlinson Football club

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

9. Jamie Dornan (and Bill Murray) – Golf.

Well who’d have thunk it? These two juxtaposed actors paired up together on the golf course. But believe it or not it did happen last year for the 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland. There can be no doubt that this will have gotten a whole lot more people (ie. women) interested in golf.

Jamie Dornan and Bill Murray playing golf

Image Source: independent.ie

10. Leonardo DiCaprio – Karate.

A personal favourite of mine: Leo shows us all how to do fitness the cool way by undertaking a martial arts session in front of all his pals on his private yacht in the South of France. Is there anything this guy doesn’t do with pure and utter class?

Leo DiCaprio Karate

Image Source: usmagazine.com